Friday, January 29, 2010

Genuine Innovations: JBar Star for Service

I've reported previously on the great customer service that I have received from companies like Cateye and Patagonia. We often complain about the really crappy customer service that we get from many companies today, so it is only fair to recognize the good guys! Let me add Genuine Innovations to the good list.
 In the "JRA" article last week, I reported that I found I had lost an O-ring type seal from my several-year-old Microflate, rendering it useless for its intended purpose. Fortunately, I was in good company at the time of my flat tire, so I wasn't stranded on the road. I've always appreciated the compact, simple design and the reliability of the MicroFlate and have one in each of my flat kits, so I dropped G.I. customer service a note to ask if they could send me a new seal. I did not get a response and was prepared to follow up when I noticed that Diane had brought in an envelope from them in today's mail. It not only contained a replacement MicroFlate, but also a really groovy green anodized Limited Edition Air Chuck inflator. I would have been happy with an O-ring, so they far exceeded my expectations. I like that!
This is the kind of response that makes me a loyal customer. Most of the local shops carry Genuine Innovations products, so look for the brand when you shop for an inflation device! They've got a wide variety of great products and here's a link to get you started:

I hope that Genuine Innovations makes a few sales as a result of my experience. Great service should pay off. On the other hand, when I get poor service or poor quality, I make an effort to communicate my disappointment and give the guilty party a chance to make it right. Then I make an effort to tell everybody I know. That's fair, too.


Unknown said...

Groovy??? Now everyone knows for sure how old you are!!!

JBar said...

"Groovy" is so old and trite that it's retro-new, therefore current. You're behind!