Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cat 5 Tattoo

Cat 5 Tattoo
OK, I'll admit that this was a set up shot. Being a clean
bike freak, my chainring would hardly leave a mark.

We've all had 'em and most of us have made fun of our buddy's. I'm talking "Cat 5 tattoos". You know what I'm talking about, those greasy chainring imprints on the inside of your right calf. I've learned to avoid them for the most part, but I've got one riding partner who, while a fine athlete and an expert rider, somehow always manages to get tatted on the inside and sometimes, the outside of her calf. How she manages that, short of being a Chinese acrobat, I can't fathom.

I ran into my friend Bill Steward down at the river last night and he proved that his wry sense of humor is still spot on, as he managed to poke a little fun at himself and, in the process, at all of us, with his genuine Cat 5 Tattoo!

Based on my conversation with Bill, the reaction of his kids ranged from disbelief to appalled, but his grandchildren all thought that the ink was very cool. I thought it was pretty damn funny, myself, and appreciated Bill's sharing and agreeing to pose for this article.

The simple secret to Cat 5 tat avoidance:
 Always leave your right foot clipped in while at a stop.

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