Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow Times and Not Too Bright, Please

Well, things are pretty slow here in JBar Blogville. Most of my ideas for articles come to me in the form of revelations, observations, and conversations that occur while I'm out on the bike. Here within a week of Winter Solstice, I haven't been able to ride as often or as long as usual and there are few people out on the trail so conversation is scarce, and the revelations and observations are few and far between because, well, it's dark.
We did get out Monday night with the Arkansas Bicycle Club for a ride through the Christmas light displays at Burns Park,then followed up with a spin downtown and a side trip up Fort Roots to take in the view of the city. It was a warm, dry evening and very pleasant along the river. I'm glad we got the ride in, as I've been work-bound for the last couple of evenings.

Light Etiquette

It is imperitive that we see and be seen when riding at night and that means lights. While bigger is usually better, there are limits! If you've got the big ol' Light and Motion trail racing flamethrower of a headlight, you can probably turn it down a notch on the trail. At least be aware that oncoming riders will be blinded if you hose them with your laser cannon.
The same can go for tail lights. While you want all of the tail light you can buy while commuting in traffic, when you're riding in a group on the trail, it is unneccessary and dangerous. I recently experienced a ride behind what had to be the brightest blinky in town. Not only was it annoying, but riders behind the beast were totally blinded to the trail in front them. Be aware. "Too bright" is possible.

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