Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mountain Bike

I really don't have any mountain bike mojo. I love being in the woods and the concept of riding in them really appeals to me. I have a nice mountain bike, a Gary Fisher 292 full suspension 29er. It seems to be a fine bike, though my perspective is limited as it is the only full suspension bike I've ever ridden, but the fact is that I just haven't found true joy on a mountain bike. As a result, my skills are rudimentary and my rides are few, but I do get in the occasional ride on the dirt. It usually takes place on cold, windy winter days when the road has even less appeal, so it was on such a mission that I embarked to Camp Robinson this morning. Camp is a fantastic resource and I was disappointed to be told that the mountain bike section was closed through December 24 for a special deer hunt. Fortunately, we are fairly resource-rich so I was able to drive a couple of miles and ride at Burns Park. I like Camp better, but Burns Park is much more accessible and has miles of trail with a wide range of difficulty.

Though I'd prefer to hear only the birds, rustling leaves and my own gasping, There's something to be said for having trail scenes like this just a few miles from home, even if I-40 traffic is roaring by only a few yards away.

I like a clean bike and I am meticulous about the condition of my drive train.  Things were a little muddy on the flat trails and steep and rocky on the dry trails, but I was glad to get out for the spin on a cold windy day, even if it means a bike cleaning session.

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