Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Camp Robinson Trail Closure-December 27-28

Camp will be closed to mountain bikes on December 27-28 so that the area can be opened to hunters.

I had so much fun on my last ride at Camp Robinson that I was eager to get back out there. The icy weather delayed me, but I loaded up the MTB on Sunday and headed out with visions of single-track dancing in my head (what the hell is a sugar plum, anyway?). Imagine my disappointment when I found that TA 2 was closed for a hunt, as it will be again as noted above. I tucked tail and headed to Burns Park but I did not have a gratifying experience. Some of it was that it simply wasn't what I wanted to ride and the rest of my dissatisfaction came from my bike set-up. I had done a little tweaking and missed the mark.

The Burns Park trails are fine and the work done over the last couple of years has improved the area, but it just doesn't compare to Camp Robinson in terms of mileage, quality, and variety of trails. Camp offers easier trails, harder trails, steeper trails, flatter trails, rockier trails and smoother trails. In other words, if you like Burns Park you can find similar trails at Camp, along with just about anything else you might want to try.

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