Monday, June 24, 2013

Velogames Fantasy Tour de France

OK, friends, it is Tour time and once again I'm throwing down the gauntlet!

Velogames Fantasy Tour de France gives you a chance to pick your best GC rider, along with climbers, sprinters, and all-'rounders, to form your fantasy Tour de France team. It's fun, and adds another dimension to following the Tour.

I have formed a Mini-League as "JBarCycling2013 MiniLeague", code 24223600.
You may join up to 5 minileagues. The cost to you is that perfect number "0" and I'll offer a 6-pack of the IPA of my choice to the top score in the JBarCycling MiniLeague.

Yes, I said "my choice" because I plan to win!

Follow the link to Velogames, select your team, then check the scoring updates after each stage.
You have a team budget, and there are tough choices to be made. Is Froom going as well as it appears? Can Sagan once again squeeze out the imtermediate stage wins? Who's your climber? Cavendish is always my man for the sprints, but he comes at a high price!

Select your team and you can make changes up until departe.


Unknown said...

We are gunning for ya JBar!

JBar said...

Come on, big boy! I have to talk a good game because I'm not sure about my team this year! That says that I expect this Tour should be full of surprizes!