Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arkansas River Trail Safety Celebration-Saturday, June 29

Riders, walkers, runners, and a host of other users love the Arkansas River Trail for its convenience, beauty, safety, and diversity of resources, but one topic that comes up with great frequency is that of user conflict on the trail. As someone who was on some portion of the trail on over 200 days last year, I feel that I can safely say that true "conflict" by my definition is rare.
Most complaints come from ocasional users who feel threatened or simply taken aback by cyclists passing by. These same folks often walk on the left side of the trail, turn their small children loose on the bridges, gather to visit in the middle of the trail, or walk Fifi on a 20' extendable leash. They're not bad or irresponsible; they simply are unaware of the trail etiquette shared by the thousands of regular trail users.
There will always be a few bad actors who ride inappropriately for conditions or who walk away from that steaming pile of poop that Rover just dropped o the BDB, but those folks are relatively few.

In an effort to help inform the well-meaning masses, the City of North Little Rock is teaming with the Arkansas River Trail Task Force for the Arkansas River Trail Safety Celebration on Saturday, june 29, from 10:00AM until Noon.

Here's the press release from Bernadette Rhodes, NLR Fit2Live coordinator:

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