Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I dropped by Spokes yesterday at lunch. I had not been in for a while and, besides, it was all-you-can-eat red beans and rice day across the street at the Oyster Bar. I really don't spend enough time at bike shops and it's always good to see what Mat and his crew are up to. I spotted something as I walked in the door that just tickled me. Spokes has produced some T-shirts that incorporate a bit of an inside joke for River Trail riders.
Local riders will recognize this message from the ramps on the BDB.
I recall the day that this message, along with an admonishment for RIGHT STAY WALKERS, were stencilled on to the ramps and we've been chuckling at them ever since. I still wonder who made the decision that folks would read the messages one word at a time as they approached versus top-to-bottom as is the instinct of most literate products of Western civilization.
This means you....whatever it means!
This philosphy did not stop with the bridge. Upon completion of the western ramp of the BDB last year, it was decided that some degree of traffic rights-of-way needed to be employed. Hence the message shown below:
This message is found on the trail approaching the west BDB ramp.
Hmmmm...TRAFFIC MERGING TO YIELD....so, can I just put my head down and depend on the traffic that is merging to yield? I don't think so.
I'm sure there is some protocol for this type of signage and it was likely followed, but it is amusing and perhaps confusing to the rigid literalists among us. Fortunately, most folks seem to get the message as intended and we all seem to manage our merging, etc., just fine.
Now down!