Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Dam Bridge Ramp Closures

The three approach ramps of the Big Dam Bridge will each be closed for a period of time over the next few weeks to allow for the installation of decorative towers similar to those on the main deck. The bridge will remain open during the construction, but will be closed to crossing traffic from 7AM, November 12-4:00PM November 21, when the north ramp tower is being installed. 

Commuters beware! The closure of the north ramp will preclude crossing the BDB during the tower installation period!
Each of the south ramps will also be closed for a period of time, but those installations will not prevent crossings of the bridge.
Here's the schedule for folks who refuse to read signs:
        Southeast Ramp: November 5-9  
        North Ramp and Southwest Ramp: November 12-21  


Unknown said...

John I have a question. According to the sign the bridge will be closed from 7:00am November 12 thru 4:00pm November 21. That is a lot different then 7AM-4PM, November 12-21. Can you clarify? One means the bridge is shutdown till November 21, the other means you can use the bridge after before 7:00am and after 4:00pm. Maybe I am just reading too much into the sign!!!:)

JBar said...

How right you are!That's why I need a copy editor. You're appointed and the article is corrected!

Unknown said...

You do a fine job!! No complaints here!!

Steve S said...

The north ramp of the BDB is closed. When I pointed out to one of the workman that a sign said it wouldn't be closed until 7am on 11/12/12, he said they were ahead of schedule. He volunteered that the BDB would reopen on Wednesday.

jacobmontereal said...

I thought its forever closed.

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