Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BDB Ramp Tower Update and Pavement Report

Progress has been rapid in the raising of the decorative towers on the south ramps of the BDB. The SW ramp was closed Tuesday night, but the tower is in place and is visible in the left of the photo above. The SW ramp is scheduled to be closed from Nov. 12-21 for tower installation, but I cannot imagine that there is 10 days of work left to complete the project. That's a good thing, and the sunset view isn't bad, either!

The southeast ramp was scheduled to have been closed Nov. 5- Nov. 9, but the tower was up and the ramp open on Tuesday night.
Our experience has been that construction schedules for River Trail projects have been very conservative, allowing plenty of time for delays due to weather and river conditions, resulting in earlier-than-expected completions. That appears to be the case for the towers, as well, though I con only speculate on the time required for wiring and light installation.
Resamen Park Road: Silk
There are few sensations better for a road bike rider than wheels rolling across fresh, smooth asphalt. My sampling of the new pavement on Rebsamen Park Road did not disappoint. Striping was incomplete and it was dark, so I just jumped off the trail for a short stretch of road, but it is sweet!

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