Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Well, not so independent for me. I'm plenty happy but I find myself to be quite dependent following surgery on Monday to repair a detached ligament on my right thumb. The injury is rightfully called "skier's thumb", as it occurred as I did a face plant in the snow with outstretched hands, my ski pole adding leverage to extend my thumb beyond its natural range of motion. As with most injuries that don't show any visible signs of trauma, I kept thinking that it would heal itself, but reality set in and it was off to see the hand specialist. The MRI told the tale and surgery was scheduled. Given the possibility of pins and grafted tendons, I was glad to be told that the surgeon was able to reattach the ligament without having to go to the junkyard for spare parts.
I'm not sure what I thought when Dr. Moore told me my hand would be bandaged for 2 1/2 weeks, but this cast-like arrangement met or exceeded my expectations!  

Last year's crash excepted, I've considered myself to have been pretty fortunate in avoiding injuries over the years, so I can't whine too much about this, though it makes typing excruciatingly slow (note to self: don't use big words like excruciatingly ) and will keep me off of the bike for a few weeks. Since I can only hold one utensil at a time, and cannot do complicated tasks like operate a pepper mill, I am pretty dependent on Diane for care and feeding. I made sure that I was all caught up on my chores before surgery, so I'm not much of a burden, yet, though I'm sure I'll be a pain in the ass from time to time. I can't get my bandages wet, so any perspiration inducing activities are out. I don't deal well with inactivity, but I'm sure that within a few short weeks, I'll be trying to work my way back from a plump and pasty state.


Joe Jacobs said...

That will really screw up the awesome roadie tan you've been working on. Heal quickly buddy.

Vinny F said...

Get well John! It's 103 you're not missing out on much :)