Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If it smells like......

It ain't spring water.

Last week, I noticed Little Rock Wastewater excavating a large patch of the pavement near the I-430 bridge on the trail just east of Two Rivers Bridge. It turns out that they were seeking to repair a leak in the sewer line.
Sink hole or stink hole. Your nose will tell you the purpose of this excavation.

 As I rode yesterday, there was a crew with a metal detector attempting to locate man holes which had been paved over many years ago. There are apparently major issues with the line in this area, so expect to see a lot of excavating equipment and activity. That's not much of an issue, but after riding to Two Rivers and starting my return west, I noticed a small sign advising that "sanitary sewer overflow" was present and warning against coming in contact with it. Since the entire width of the road was wet, there was little way of avoiding it. I'm sure it's bad policy to aspirate or swallow sewage being sprayed off of one's wheels, so this would be a good stretch to follow the admonition of "shut up and ride". On arriving home last night, my bike and I both got a thorough cleaning.

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