Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orbea Demo Day: Sunday, October 2

The fine folks at Spokes are hosting an Orbea factory demo ride at Victory Lake in Burns Park (that's the ski lake). Get a new mountain bike dirty on the Burns Park trails or check out one of the snazzy road bikes for a quick spin, perhaps down to the newly opened Clinton Park Bridge. I may have to ride on down and temporarily trade in my ti beauty so that I can sport some sweet new carbon around town on a Sunday ride.

Get in touch with Frank to reserve a bike. They plan to run a couple of shifts so that more folks will be able get on a bike. It's just good business to allow riders to experience the object of their bike lust on the road or trail. Bikes are a big investment but it's often impossible to get much of a test ride, so these demos are appreciated. To the uninitiated, bikes can seem absurdly expensive and impossible to rationalize. To many cyclists, getting out on the road on the saddle of the right bike makes the value of a few thousand bucks become pretty abstract.


Anonymous said...

Did any carbon bike strike your interest? Any likes or dislikes?

JBar said...

I'm so comfortable with my ti Litespeed, I don't get much carbon lust, though I do love the lateral stiffness of carbon when compared to my relatively flexy frame. If somebody handed me a credit card and said, "Go pick out a bike", I'd likely look at the Cervelo S5first. Full DuraAce build, of course, and some very nice wheels, since money is no object! That said, there are a lot of really nice bikes out there!