Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JBar's Lost and Found

My writing hasn't been flowing lately, so it looks like I've become the Lost and Found Department.
Passed on by my friend Liz:


We need your help.  Last night after our group workout, we accidentally drove off while both of our front bicycle wheels were resting against the side of Jeff's truck.  They had fully disappeared in less than 15 minutes - probably between 7:30 pm and 7:45 pm.  This was in the parking lot at the end of Catfish Drive on the NLR side of the River Trail.  Both wheels are in red Mavic wheel bags.  One is a Zipp 404 and the other is a Flashpoint without stickers. 

We hoping that a fellow cyclist may have picked them up and might try to find the owners.  Our contact information is below.  If you wouldn't mind, please forward this email to other relevant distribution lists you might be a part of.  We appreciate your help!!

Jeff Jenkins (, 501-351-3775)

Amy Jenkins (, 501-231-9674)

David Fike at River Trail Station said someone reported leaving a wheel in the same manner across from his shop. One of the local homeless guys later attempted to sell it to David, who notified the owner, though David was unable to talk the guy out of the wheel. That's a little far up the trail, but some of those folks ride bikes, too, and the wheels would be a target of opportunity. I'd try the pawn shops in downtown NLR before giving up. I hope they turn up!

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