Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Muslims, New World Order, Bicycle Advocates, Socialists, Secret Subversive Plans

I was reading the Arkansas Times blog yesterday when I came across the linked article. A woman in Jonesboro, Debbie Pelley, wrote an extensive rant about Jonesboro's efforts to enhance bike infrastructure. She attended a meeting on the subject. Pelley obviously sees this as a sinister plot and was repeatedly surprised that the proponents of cycling were so upfront and honest about their evil plan to .....wait, wait, it's coming....their evil plan to offer transportation alternatives to driving. The result would be reduced childhood obesity, better health, less air pollution, and reduced dependence on foreign oil. Can you believe it? It's un-American, I tell you! Better health for children, cleaner environment, and reduced dependence on oil? What kind of evil is this?  And one of the speakers was actually a Muslim! Enough said! Well, he had a Muslim sounding name, anyway, and she could hardly understand what he said because he's not from around here. She keeps drawing what I thought were positive conclusions and then backhanding them with statements like this:

“So do you envision a future where our children and grandchildren will be  riding bicycles rather than driving cars?”  His answer: It won't be just our kids and grandchildren, it will be you and me – us, indicating it would be coming very soon. 

My God! You don't mean.....I might have an opportunity to ride a bicycle?! Even a geezer like me? Aw, go ahead, throw me in the briar patch! You've got to read some of this! I guess her Tea Party is stuck on the image of the ideal American being fat and car/oil dependent. She seems absolutely amazed and very fearful at the prospect of us citizens getting off of our collective asses. I don't get her point, but she seems to assume that her readers will be as terrified as she is.
Here's another quote to lead you on:
I asked “Who is going to ride these bicycles? He said they were bombarded with requests for bike trails (I doubt that is true but if it is, it is for recreation and not transportation – If people think it won't cost them anything and have these of course people want something for nothing, but they have no idea the bicycles are intended to be used for transportation instead of their cars.

Does Sarah Palin need a running mate?
Take a read:

Remember, they're mostly riding for recreation now, but soon they could be riding for transportation. It's a slippery slope. When your kids beg for a bicycle this Christmas, do not give in to evil! Buy them an X-Box (Wei makes them move around too much!), a McDonald's gift card or a box of diabetes test strips.


Chad said...

she needs a good loaded phrase...like "socialist transportation". that would scare people

Clint said...

Awesome post!