Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Rituals

It's forecast to be around freezing in the morning. I'm undecided as to whether I'll catch the early road ride or go for a little sleep-in followed by a good breakfast, then a couple of hours in the woods on the mountain bike. Diane is interested in some fat-tire stuff and the dogs will be good for a few miles, so the woods are the most likely prospect. In any event, the realities of riding in the cold and dark are setting in. I tarried a bit last night was almost caught on the trail with no light and the cold has become evident over the last couple of days.
Among my seasonal rituals, the "Taping Of The Shoes" is a sure sign that we've turned the corner into Fall. We all appreciate the airy feel of our snazzy road shoes, but that same ventilation that cools and dries our dogs in August is not quite so welcome in winter. It's hard to keep feet warm, so the vents in the soles of my road shoes get covered with electrical tape.
 Riding in cold weather can be comfortable and fun with the right preparation, though I'll admit that I'm already looking forward to the Spring ritual of "The Peeling Off Of The Tape".    And, ooohhh...look, I have brand new cleats!

Toe covers or shoe covers along with some good socks will take care of the feet on all but the coldest days. I highly recommend DeFeets Blaze socks. They are appreciably warmer than anything else I've got.  

Since the vast majority of us will be spending much less time on the bike and much more time sitting around, it is also important to get your sitting around kit in good order. In my case, that means putting away some of my shorts and summer shirts and getting out jeans, base layers, winter socks and my flannel lined Carhartts.

I have moved into the flannel lined Carhartts for the winter. I'll come out for laundry days and those silly dress up holiday parties.

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