Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why They Hate Us...

....because we're free? No, wait, that's copy for my Fox News gig. This is supposed to be about bikes.
We all complain about inconsiderate drivers, and rightfully so, but sometimes cyclists can seem to go out of their way to antagonize otherwise patient drivers. I was riding home from a road ride on Saturday morning and as I headed east on River Road from the skate park, a car passed me. Up ahead a rider was passing a couple of other cyclists by taking the oncoming traffic lane. He then proceeded on down the road on the left, creating a situation in which the car could not safely pass and I was stuck behind the car. I yelled "car back" over the car in a voice that could have been heard a block away, but got no reaction. After a half mile or more, the guy drifted back to the right, having never looked back, allowing the car to pass. He then proceeded to serpentine back and forth across the lane, swooping from side to side and obviously enjoying his ride. As I rode up behind him, I called out "bike back" and got no reaction. As I rode past, I yelled from 5 feet away, "That's why drivers hate us.", which got me a silly grin that said, "I have no idea what your saying, but I'm having a blast riding my bicycle with my IPod turned up REALLY LOUD!!"

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