Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucky the Lizard

We went to our place near Heber Springs last weekend and as we walked across the screen porch, Diane noticed that there was a lizard caught in a spiders web, hanging by his tail below our porch swing. I thought that he was dead, but Diane assured me that he still had some wiggle so we proceeded to free the skink!

Skinks are known for being able to pull their tails off to avoid capture, but this guy was at a loss for traction.

Diane gently removed the spider web.

We figured he would be thirsty and he drank a bit before heading out.

This obviously has nothing to do with cycling, but I like a lizard story with a happy ending.


ASHLEY said...

Very happy ending indeed. (ps I love yours and Diane's love of animals)

JBar said...

The crazy thing is that we were back at Heber this weekend and my sister-in-law, who arrived before us, had found the lizard once again hanging by his tail from the porch swing! When she started telling me about it, I thought she'd read my post and was messing with me. Either the lizard is a slow learner or the bug hunting there is just too good to pass up.

ASHLEY said...

How funny! You're spoiling him by helping him out. He assumes you're gonna be there to bail him out. =)