Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cold+Snow+Ice+Mud =

Fat Tire Time!

I continue to be surprised at how much fun I'm having on the mountain bike. Until recently, it was my "ride of last resort" and reserved for those days that were just too damn harsh for the road to have its usual appeal, but now I look forward to saddling up. And except for pouring rain, I haven't seen weather conditions foul enough keep me out of the woods and, frankly, as trashed as my bike gets anyway, the rain probably won't matter once things warm up a bit. I just can't do that to my road bike.

Last Sunday, after a couple of days of ice-enforced confinement, I met friends Chris and Patrick at Camp Robinson for some riding. I had no idea what conditions would be like, other than sloppy. It turned out to be an enjoyable and educational experience.

Hmmmm..., things might get a little messy!

Ya' Think?

This is better, but stay off of those front brakes!

Clipping in was a problem as snow and ice seemed
to love the cold metal of our cleats.

There were a few folks and about, but many of the trails
 were unmarked except for those tracks left by the deer, birds and squirrels.

Our drive trains were not enjoying this as much as we were.This component of mountain biking is taking some getting used to!I really thought we'd be carrying more mud but the creek crossings gave the bikes an occasional rinse....and gave us some very cold feet.

The sunshine was a welcome addition after several grey days.

Ahhhh..... the happy bike!

By Sunday night, my bike and I were both clean and dry (I went first!). A good workout in the cold can leave you with a very satisfying sense of tired. With the bike clean, I tuned in a basketball game on the radio (yes, radio. ref: Marconi wireless) and was soon dozing contentedly on the couch with a couple of medium sized dogs. Zuli and Willie are experts at couch napping, so I was once again in good company.

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