Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Clean and Check

It appears that the monsoons are finally behind us and that we're in for a stellar week of clear, dry weather. Against all instincts, I laid off of the bike today to get some much-needed house and yard work done, drop by a little family function and give my bike a thorough cleaning. Besides, on looking at my log, I see that I've ridden ten out of the last eleven days and racked up over 300 miles in spite of the miserable weather. The only day that I didn't ride, I was in my boat, so I think I was due a rest day.
Now is a good time to check out your rig. In spite of frequent cleanings, I probably could have started in on my bike with the trowel and leaf blower that I used on the gutters. Wet weather riding allows nasty gunk to pile up in more places that you can usually find in one pass. Be sure to clean up your brake pads.
In addition to the bike, now is also a good time to look over your bike clothes, check the contents of your seat bag and assess your stock of gels, bars, sports drink, electrolyte caps and anything else that you go through regularly. I find that it pays to keep a good stash of all of my nutrition staples. I buy bars and gels by the carton. Instead of 1.50-2.00 each, I seldom pay more than a buck apiece and they're always at hand when I head out the door.

Friends don't let friends show their ass....

No, I'm not talking about reeling in your buddy when the tequila shots start rolling around, as there's always the possibility of some entertainment in that. I'm talking about the guy or gal (Well, OK, some things are best left unsaid.) in front of you in the pace line who has a pair of bibs or shorts that have run their useful life. All it takes is a bright, sunny day, a patch of fabric that has devolved into cheesecloth, and a glowing white butt beneath to complete the picture of worn out bibs. Last week, Diane mentioned that it looked like I'd sat in some pollen on the porch. This week, she determined that what appeared as a smudge was, in reality, a little moon glow. No matter how firm the buns, the sight of a butt crack through transparent bike shorts is seldom pleasing. That favored pair of Giordanas has been semi-retired to the winter bin, only to be worn with tights from this day forward.
In kayaking, I've long observed that it is considered perfectly acceptable etiquette to mention to a complete stranger that they have boogers hanging from their nose. I've personally been engaged in conversation with a cute chick boater and felt compelled to interrupt, "Hey, you've got a big greenie hanging. No, you just smeared it. There, you got it.....". "Thanks.." conversation resumes without a second thought.
That's the way it ought to be, so if you see a friend who has let their cover wear too thin, give them a heads-up.
Friends don't let friends show their ass.

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