Thursday, March 20, 2014

Helicopter Extractions, Camp Robinson, Heavy Duty Pumps

National Guard Training Exercise At Pinnacle Mountain State Park
Saturday, April 5
A training exercise is scheduled for PMSP at 9:00AM on April 5. Here are the details from Ron Salley, Park Superintendent:

Time: 9am……  the target time frame is 30min.   maximum duration is 1hr.

Operational procedures…..
·       There will not be a need for the Black Hawk helicopters to land in the surrounding fields
·       There will be two  teams to operate on the mountain.

a)      One team will perform an airlift extraction at the number six area (using a life size human replica, just off the West Summit trail. This area is commonly called the boulder field. The soldiers will be located 200ft off the trail and have team members located  near the trail in order to keep onlookers out of harm’s way). There will also be soldiers station at the West Summit trail head informing hikers of the exercise and the protocol to following for keeping themselves safe (– see attachment and below training area 1)

b)      Another team will be located at the top of the mountain and will perform a hoist from there. The soldiers will maintain a 200ft buffer between the exercise and hikers to this area (– See attachment and below – training area 2)

·       There will also be a team of soldiers located at the East Summit trail head in order to inform hikers of the exercise taking place and the protocol to take for keeping themselves safe.

If it is possible to share this information with local media, it would certainly be appreciated. The more informed and aware the users of the mountain trails are, during these exercises the better.

Please let us know if you have further questions or comments.



Here are images of the area along with descriptions of the exercise:

If weather prevents the operation from occurring on April 5th, it will be moved to the 6th.
The operation is expected to take less than an hour and riders should not be affected, but it could be an interesting bit of entertainment on a Saturday morning ride.

Summer Ride Critical Information: Pinnacle Visitor Center Ice Cream Restock

Back in December, I reported that I had purchased and consumed the last Fat Boy ice cream sandwich from the Pinnacle State Park Visitor Center. I actually very generously shared it with my ride partner, as that is my nature. On a recent stop at the Visitor Center, I was privileged to witness the annual stocking of the ice cream freezer.

 The Fat Boys are back!
The ice cream freezer is a big draw for me on those hot days of summer, and the promise of a cold reward is often my motivation to make the 3/4 mile climb to the Center.

Camp Robinson

Every time I venture out to Camp Robinson for a little single track, I'm impressed by the trail condidions and by the amount of work that has taken place. Trails have been rerouted to avoid problem areas, bridges have been built, water crossings have been hardened with rock work, leaves have been cleared, fallen trees cleared, stobs removed, and trailside brush has been cut. That is the work of volunteers, mostly old-school CARP guys like Basil Hicks Jr and III.
The parking lot has also been graveled, I assume by Camp folks.
A new bridge on Airport Loop. Airport used to extend to the left at the visible sign, but that section has now redesignated as part of Buddha Trail and no longer connects back to Airport beyond this crossing.
The new bridges and rock work make the trail system much more sustainable.
If you want to invest in some sweat equity, the opportunity is there for you.
The tools even come with a handy set of instructions to help coordinate the trail work.
The trail fairies must be nearby!
One of the many good things about Camp Robinson is that everyone is there with a purpose. While many parks and public use areas are subject to theft, vandalism, and littering, Camp is pretty secure, so tools can be left to use another day. Besides, few ne'r-do-wells would be willing to walk 30 miles of trail system hoping to find a leaf blower or shovel.
Two River Park Work Station Pump Upgraded
The new pump is vandal resistant.
The pump at the Marilyn Fulper Memorial work station at Two Rivers Park has been replaced a a vandalism resistant model. The work station pumps along the trail are often out of service. The general that most of the damage is done by children playing on the stations as their parents sit by oblivious or uncaring as their kids destroy these public resources. The work stations are an asset and are used by many riders. Here's hoping that the new pump remains functional.They are expensive and I think that before more are purchased that  their durability.will have to be demonstrated.


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