Saturday, August 1, 2009

News Gadget Added

In an effort to make JBarCycling more interesting and add a little depth, I've added a gadget to pull in links to cycling news articles. I've found it to be pretty entertaining and, as is often the case when surfing Internet news, one thing leads to another. In reading the first cycling article, I noticed a link to a headline about a S. Carolina man being caught having sex with a horse......for the second time. The horse's shotgun toting owner apprehended him while staking out her barn after having seen the man in the act on a surveillance tape.He had been convicted a year ago of having sex with the same horse. Does that mean it's love? The horse was 21 years old, but I don't know if there is an age of consent for horses. He was charged with "buggery".

What does this have to do with cycling? Not much, unless you're trying to decide between a horse and a bike. I say, go with the bike. Lower maintenance and you can keep it in the house where it should be safe from being buggered.

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