Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Of My Favorite Trail People

I was out for a ride on Thursday night with some of the local folks with whom I've spent a little time working for "Bike Friendly Community" status for North Little Rock. We were not very organized but the gaggle aspect of the ride gave me a chance to peal off and visit with some friends along the trail, including Cherie and Sacha (I hope my spelling is correct!). You may have seen Cherie along the trail, often in the company of some very cute little dogs and/or on her skates or her bike. Tonight, she was on her scooter and accompanied by Sacha, who can be seen above riding in his road bag and wearing his very appropriate "doggles". The Style Guy would approve!
I met Cherie a couple of years ago along the trail and I always enjoy a visit. Of course, she did get a good scolding for riding without a helmet! As is often the case, my unsolicited advice will probably go unheeded but at least Sacha has the proper eyewear.
Enjoy the ride!

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