Friday, April 24, 2009

Trail updates

Old friend Mike Collier let me know that I was behind on my trail updates. Technically, he's wrong, of course! We go back many years and I can't let him start gettting points on me, now.
It is a Burns Park bike lane improvement and a good one! And a good catch, Mike, so I'll give it to you! So much for my self-appointed position of trail news-breaker.

Here's Mike's news:

A bike lane is being paved in the Fun Land area of Burns park between the Hospitality House and the freeway overpass. This has been a problematic area due to the high volume of traffic, narrow lanes and lack of a trace of shoulder. It adds a safer option to Burns Park loops.

Though NLR always leads tthe way in trail improvement and awareness, Little Rock has taken a positive step by removing a bench at the foot of the bridge. It was a potentially dangerous spot due to the speed of cyclists coming off the bridge (under 5 MPH, of course) and the fact that cyclists and bench-sitters could not see one another due to the concrete butress caps aptly used as decorative landscaping between the benches.

Many locals are aware of the source of these large concrete triangles, but if not, here it is!
They were cut off of the tops of the butresses on the downstream side of the bridge in order to create the flat surfaces on which the bridge piers sit. Some clever engineer suggested that they looked cool enough to be saved and they were integrated into the landscaping at each end of the bridge.

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