Monday, April 20, 2009

Practical pedaling

I have watched with some admiration as Diane has started running many of her errands on her commuter bike. She was already shopping for a commuter when she won a kid's BMX bike from the fine folks at Community Cyclist. She traded it toward a fine little Marin Lucas Valley and soon added a rack, panniers, a seat bag and, of course, lights. As I headed down JFK Blvd last Saturday for a quick hour on the bike ahead of the oncoming rain, Diane was riding up the hill from Main, having been to a yoga class over on Izard, Boulevard Bread and at least one farmer's market. Her panniers contained a couple of quarts of delicious local strawberries, our staple 8-Grain bread, a couple of squash....... you get the picture. I must admit that a few weeks back she got little respect at the drive-in window of Fire Water Liquor, her favorite wine stop, and we had to go inside. The sign on the door instructs patrons to remove hoods and sunglasses before entering, so it may have been her menacing look with the shades that got her ignored at the window.

She's commuted to work, runs errands downtown at lunch, has made trips to Pleasant Valley to see her folks, visit the athletic club and shop at Fresh Market in West LR. A little distance is not a factor if you have the right attitude. In Diane's case, the attitude is apparent in her smile as she goes about her business on the bike.

It's a great feeling to leave the car at home and get things done while enjoying the pure pleasure of riding a bike!

I couldn't bring myself to rack up the Litespeed, but maybe I could hang some bags on my single speed.....

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Ironman said...

Great write up! If only everyone could be more like our wives, the world would be a better place.