Thursday, September 20, 2018

Throwback Thursday- Two Rivers Bridge Center Span Assembly and Lift from October 2010

Two, Two, Two Posts in One!!
I decided not to string you along for another week on the erection of the center span on the Two Rivers Park Bridge so I've included two posts from the time. I followed this project closely and on several levels. I had regular contact with the Pulaski County construction supervisor, a representative of the steel supplier, and the project engineer among others. One thing I was NOT going to miss was the lift of the massive center span assembly. It did not disappoint. It was an awesome morning for any boy who likes big toys.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Rivers Bridge News!

Work continues at a brisk pace on the Two Rivers Bridge, with the final piers being poured and the steel truss sections arriving over the last couple of days.

The truss sections were shipped in on trucks, assembled on barges and moved out into the river.

The entire span will be assembled and then lifted in one piece.

These trailers carrying the two halves of the next section arrived on Wednesday. The last two trailers were on the road and expected to arrive Wednesday night.

There is no set schedule for the lift, but I hope that I get some notice so that I can be there! Everything will be done and ready before the lift starts, because once it is in the air, they don't want to put it back down anywhere but in its place on the piers. The rest of the horizontal structure is also moving right along. I was told that within the next couple of weeks, "people looking at it from I-430 will see a bridge".

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