Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Protect The Buffalo River

I've Got Nothing Against Pigs. In fact, I just finished off a rack of ribs from Brother's BBQ in Heber Springs. Mighty tasty! But, pigs, like anything else, have their proper place. Especially if you're talking about 6000 pigs-a-pooping on a factory farm in the Buffalo River watershed.

You can follow the link for more information, on the remote chance that you're not familiar with this plan, which flies in the face of the decades of preservation work and politics to protect the national treasure that is the Buffalo River. Many Arkansans feel that permitting this farm is just plain wrong and they are joining the battle to stop it. You can help by attending a fundraiser, your personal invitation below, or by dropping a check in the mail! It's that easy to do your part.

Folks, every apprentice plumber knows this simple fact: Shits runs downhill.
Apply this bit of knowledge to the surface application of the waste of over 6000 pigs to a pasture within the Buffalo watershed and it is easy to see where things go from there. Arkansas is notoriously lax when it comes to environmental regulation, but  we've all got a stake in preserving what is arguably our country's most beautiful free-flowing stream and our only National River.

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