Friday, October 5, 2012

NLR Parks Update

Folks, I'm traveling and have limited web tool access, but here is an update on NLR Parks Trail closures and a link to a map of the affected areas.

This will be the first email regarding trail closures due to maintenance. You have either requested to receive this email or it was requested you receive this first email. If you do not want to receive emails regarding trail closures in NLR, please let me know so I can remove your address from this list.

EMERALD PARK - There have been rumors going around that Emerald Park is closed. The whole of Emerald Park is not closed, just the center portion while a trail gets rerouted and paved connecting the two current paved portions on the west and east end. This portion of the park and trail will be closed indefinitely (at least 2-3 months depending on the weather). A map of the closed portion is available here:

The paved trail will be called the Highland Trail and the unpaved portion will remain known as the Emerald Park Trail. Once completed the Highland Trail will be ADA accessible and the old trail bed will be available for off-road bicycles and hikers.

ARKANSAS RIVER TRAIL - In addition to the trail work in Emerald Park, we will also be doing improvements/repairs to sections of the Arkansas River Trail due to soil erosion and tree roots. We will send out notifications of when these sections of the Arkansas River Trail will be closed and whether or not a detour is available.

FUTURE NOTIFICATIONS - Notifications of these trail closures will be sent via an email blast and posted to our trails' Facebook page (


Bryan said...

How does one get on that email notification list from the NLRPR?

JBar said...

I'd suggest contacting Jeff Caplinger