Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trail Condition Update

OK, I've been talkin' Tour de France, but here's some local interest information.

If you've been riding you've probably noticed that there has been utility construction going on near Junior Deputy Park (pic above). As of a couple of days ago, there were still steel plates and a lot of loose gravel in the area and the workers were moving up the bike path toward Riverfront Drive. Use caution.

Just as the water has finally receded from the Isabella Jo Trail in North Little Rock, I noticed last night that a large willow has fallen and completely blocked the trail just west of it's junction with the River Trail. NLR is quick to get these things cleared, but keep it in mind if you head toward downtown from Cook's Landing in the next couple of days.

Be very careful of the red paving tiles in the downtown NLR park. The sprinklers have been on in the evenings and the tiles are remarkably slick!

I've been noticing that a crew of regulars among the ummm...what's the politically correct term for homeless folks these days..... Hell, I don't know, so how about urban campers? Anyway, I've noticed a crew of regular urban campers gathering daily in the park near the foot of the Broadway Bridge. I tend to give names to the trail denizens and this group has been declared to be "The Committee". I often wonder about the subjects and depth of their discussions. They are civil to the riders passing by and just seem to be entertaining themselves with their own company. The nooks and crannies of the bridge footings hold stashes of bedding and belongings.


mcpsd said...

Work must be slowing this week. You've been a busy blogger.By the way, are they putting in a new portion of trail that will take off from Riverfront Road/Rebsamen Park Rd.at the end of the golf course and run parallel with the RR tracks down Rebsamen Park Rd.?
Something is going on there.

JBar said...

Work is rolling as usual. Between vacation, some late evenings on the bike and Tour watching, I found myself with little available time for a spell. I've been trying to get back on track.

I think the primary purpose for the construction at Rebsamen is storm drainage, but I've heard conjecture about it being topped with a bike path. I'll try to find out what the plan is.

mcpsd said...

Be sure and back track to read my comment on "breakfast of champions"