Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those Pesky Weekend Crowds....

Sometimes we complain about the weekend crowds on the BDB, but as I experienced this past Saturday, solitude can be found there if your timing is right. In this case, the time was 12:20 on a July Saturday afternoon. I think the only other time I had the bridge to myself, even for a moment, was some drizzly February night. Granted, it was hot out, but not that hot for seasoned Arkansawyers.

The coming week promises to be a repeat of the heat wave that Diane and I dodged by heading to Colorado on vacation a few weeks ago. Get those Polar bottles in the freezer and grab the wife-beater style sleeveless jerseys. You can't be much of a rider in Arkansas if you don't embrace a little asphalt-melting heat.

1 comment:

ASHLEY said...

Its because everyone else in the world was holed up in front of their air they should've been.

Random side note: Great to see you today!