Friday, April 22, 2016

River Trail Results-Riverfront Dr., Rockwater

Thanks go out to Chris Wilbourn, NLR Chief Engineer and Traffic Director, along with Chief-of-Staff Danny Bradley, the NLR Traffic Department, and Alderman Charlie Hight for their help in reclaiming a little pavement for riders along Riverfront Road near the Broadway Bridge.
There are no villains in this story, but we will need to continue to work together and be alert to encroachments along the trail.

Chris shared these photos of the new realignment:

 Much Better!

In addition to moving the barrels, the Traffic Department painted dashed lines on the pavement to indicate the proper alignment for Massman Construction crews when they are not actively working in the area. They also cleaned the area with blowers and will make a pass with a street sweeper when they are in the area.
This was done for the sake of rider safety, and is very much appreciated.

KEEP IN MIND: This is still a construction zone and we will lose the buffer from time to time as the bridge project progresses. Respect any barriers or warnings that may appear. It is for your safety and the safety of the workers. 

Chris related a story of a rider who recently ignored a barrier and rode though a wet stamped concrete crosswalk repair near Rockwater. That kind of action does not endear the cycling community to the folks to whom we go to for support.

On the subject of Rockwater.....

During an open house at Rockwater Marina last fall it was reported that the River Trail was blocked by parked cars at its intersection with Rockwater Blvd . Chris has discussed that situation with the Rockwater Marina principals and they will work to prevent that from happening at future events.

There will always be some minor conflicts when a wide range of activities take place on a shared resource like the Arkansas River Trail, but most people want to do the right thing.

Thanks again to the folks in the NLR city government, Massman Construction, and at Rockwater. The River Trail is a valuable resource that we can all enjoy through cooperation.


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WOW! Never hurts to ask! Very good new and a nice, speedy response by those that made this possible.
Well done all!

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Looks great thank you

Unknown said...

Looks great thank you

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