Friday, September 4, 2015

Southeast Trail Dedication-Wednesday September 9, 10:00AM

I've posted a couple of articles about the conception and development  of the Southeast Trail segment of the Arkansas River Trail System. Now, it is time to make it official with dedication ceremonies taking place at Dassault Falcon Jet .

Wayfinding sign on the Southeast Trail

This press release from Lynn Bell of Metroplan:

Metroplan Announces the dedication of the southeast trail

Wednesday, September 9, 2015, at 10:00 am
Dassault Falcon Jet
3801 E 10th Street, Little Rock, AR 72202

LITTLE ROCK, AR, September 4, 2015 — Metroplan announces a dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of
the Southeast Trail. This newly designated bike route extends east and south from the Clinton Presidential Park, past Dassault Falcon Jet, the Clinton National Airport, and the Little Rock Port, to the David D. Terry Lock and Dam and
Dam Site 6 West Park.

The 13-mile bicycle trail is an addition to the Arkansas River Trail System and its 88-mile Grand Loop, bringing the total miles of trails and bike routes in the system to well over 100. The trail offers flat terrain, low vehicular traffic, and diverse landscapes of farmland, industry and the Arkansas River.

Partners and supporters of the project include:

·         Dassault Falcon Jet: Antoine Ajarrista, Senior Vice President and General Manager and Jeff Griffin, Vice President
·         The Little Rock Port Authority: Chris Mathews, Port Authority Board Chairman and Bryan Day, Executive Director
·         Pulaski County: Judge Barry Hyde and Barbara Richard
·         The City of Little Rock: Mayor Mark Stodola and Jon Honeywell
·         The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Titus Hardiman
·         Little Rock Parks and Recreation: Mark Webre
·         Clinton Presidential Center: Debbie Shock
·         The Arkansas River Trail Task Force: Rob Stephens, Chairman
·         Metroplan: Jim McKenzie, Executive Director and Lynn Bell

Maps are available here:

Metroplan is the federally designated metropolitan planning organization for the four-county region of Faulkner, Lonoke, Pulaski and Saline counties. It is a voluntary association of local governments that has operated since 1955.

Much credit for this project goes to Rob Stephens, who chairs the Arkansas River Trail Task Force under the auspices of Metroplan. Rob is an energetic volunteer whose quiet, behind-the-scenes efforts continue to produce results from which our community benefits. 


Unknown said...

The link to the maps doesn't show anything but the River Trail, it doesn't like this trail has been added yet.

Dave said...

"This newly designated bike route..." "The 13-mile bicycle trail is an addition to..." Am I missing something? Has a single bucket of asphalt been poured? Painting sharrows on the pavement and erecting a few street signs proclaiming this to be a bicycle trail is just putting lipstick on a pig. Will there at least be a commitment to occasionally run a street sweeper over the shoulders (in the few places that shoulders exist) to reduce the debris?

Anonymous said...

someone, please add it to the main page